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and there were some words
some got lost and some are still in my pockets
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5th-Mar-2007 07:27 am - for the longest time
Ron and Hermione

It's been an atrociously long time since I updated here.  Not because I haven't been thinking about it, or reading, or writing, I just...haven't written anything here for a while.  So.  Recent fandom thoughts.

I am terrible at reviewing.  I get really nervous to leave reviews; I look through a lot of archives for stories, and feel awkward leaving a review on something old, and I kind of skulk around various communities and authors, and feel awkward just appearing.  And then I reprimand myself: everyone likes feedback.  Just do it!  (Sometimes, though, I read a story, find myself underwhelmed, and don’t have anything to say.  But that’s another issue.) 


I kind of feel like I need to go back through some of my favorite stories and leave reviews—better late than never! 


In other news, I need a few betas, but I’m not sure where to ask.  Any thoughts?

24th-Nov-2006 10:47 pm(no subject)
Ron and Hermione

I think I was just about the last person in the Harry Potter fandom who hadn't read The Shoebox Project.  I read it last week and realized why it's so casually mentioned and ubiquitous: it's AMAZING and everyone else in the entire world has read it because they all found out it was AMAZING long before I did.  Anyway.  I practically locked myself in my room between every class and read it all.  Later, people mentioned they hadn't seen me recently, wasn't that odd?  Yes, very strange.  Oh yes, I had been locked my room the past several days, reading The Shoebox Project.  Haha.  Fics over life, man, what can I say.  I never expected I'd be a big Remus/Sirius fan, but now they're stuck in my head, all teen-aged and shaggy-haired and making me love them with their love for each other.  I almost don't want the story to continue--everyone (well, Remus and Sirius, at least) are pretty happy right now, and canon is just going to get in the way and death and other such inconveniences are going to happen soon.  CURSE YOU, CANON.  

In other news, why do I never really feel like writing when I actually have time to do so? 

31st-Oct-2006 07:51 am - BOO!
Ron and Hermione

Hooray for Halloween!  Frighteningly unedited Halloween stories up at avocadotoast  (Teen Titans and Avatar)!

15th-Sep-2006 08:31 am(no subject)
Ron and Hermione
We got our paper assignment in my First Year Seminar yesterday. The essay has to be about Frankenstein, but she gave us three options: an analytical essay, an essay discussing the adaptation of the book to the 1930s movie, or fiction written from the point of view of one of the female characters that emphasizes some theme or point. 


I was thinking about it and, actually, I've already done that once: in English last year, we had the chance to write almost anything about Shakespeare's MacB, so I set one of the three witches scenes in a nuclear future and IT WAS AWESOME. Really, if I had the time/drive, I would rewrite the entirety of MacB in the future--the witches on the grey and ravaged earth, magic mixed with technology; the royalty on a clinical white space station, deceit and plastic and emptiness. I would focus more on the witches (especially the younger one, whose name I've already forgotten) because they're far more interesting. Trust me--I can see it all in my head--it would be amazing.

Yes, so, I'm thinking about writing this fanfiction-type assignment for my class EXCEPT: I have to write in the style of the book (blick) and a lot of other people are planning to do the same option (and that makes it less special). Really, I think it will come down writing it well, and I do have a cool idea...
29th-Aug-2006 09:20 am - college
Ron and Hermione
There are 70-some channels here, two of which are called simply "Spanish channel."

But they don't have Nickelodeon.

Ron and Hermione

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22nd-Jul-2006 03:41 pm(no subject)
Ron and Hermione

I'm currently reading The Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Theodore Roszak.  It's sort of the ultimate fanfiction novel: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein characters in a complex side-story that is supposed to line up with the original.  And it's basically all about sex which makes it even more eeril-y fanfiction-like.  Fan writers have been putting other people's characters into bizzarre and/or sexual situations for years but this man thought to fiddle with a work of literary merit.  AND HE GOT PAID FOR IT.  Really, it's not fair.  

The book's pretty good, though.  After researching my brains out over Frankenstein last year, it's fun to spot the places he wove the book together and to make connections and generally revel in literary nerd-dom.  

But I'm still bitter that he got paid for writing (well researched) fan fiction.  But, who knows, maybe 200 years from now people will be able to and publish books with for example, the Harry Potter characters, instead of lurking around the internet and swearing that they don't own anything.   

Too bad we'll all be dead then...

15th-Jul-2006 10:06 pm(no subject)
Ron and Hermione
It begins!
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